​​As of this writing, 1/27/21, the Chord and Scale Finder has finally made its way into the marketplace and is currently available in a free version with embedded ads on Google Play and a paid version and a paid version in the Amazon App Store (both Android only).  The free and paid versions are the same except for the presence of ads.  The app icon is the same on all platforms.  The next step is to get a free version in Amazon and a free and paid version in the Apple store.

The buttons below will lead you to a total of nine brief videos (more to come) of approximately two minutes duration each and one 8 minute video explaining why the Chord and Scale Finder came into being.  After watching them you should be able to comfortably navigate through and use the app.  Anyone interested in further explanations can send an inquiry to csfinder@69thStreetBand.com.