The two 69th Street Band CDs are now available for physical or digital purchase from several of the major platforms.  We will be adding more links as soon as we jump through all of the logistical hoops required from the platforms.  We are also listing the platforms in order of "artist friendliness"; ie the percentage of every purchase that actually makes its way back into the artist's pocket.  We hope to be completely good to go on Amazon by mid November 2016.  To quickly summarize the CDs, "A Brooklyn Afternoon" was recorded and produced over a 10 month period in 2016 and contains all original material in a variety of styles; blues, R&B, country, rock and roll, instrumentals and a wild card or two.  "The African Hillbilly Session" was recorded in one afternoon at a studio, is 100% live and contains 2 jazz standards, a bluegrass cover, one original instrumental which appears in a slightly more R&B format on "A Brooklyn Afternoon" and 6 traditional songs.